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Web Hosting Leader: How to integrate a payment gateway for starting web hosting business?


With the advent of the internet age, spreading awareness about one’s business or services through the net became the norm for all types of work. Most people dealing in manufacturing and selling of products or providing various services want to host their own websites where all the information is available at the click of the mouse.

This laid the foundation for the wide spread network of the web hosting providers. They are flourishing in all small and big cities of India.


Like any other business venture web hosting also requires certain amount of initial home work or a thorough market research. The people venturing for web hosting business must have a clear cut idea about the target client group and its needs and demands.

Generally as the majority of the large web hosting providers have already gobbled up the big share in the market, it leaves them with the small business ventures and individuals who would like to host their sites. Fortunately for them, this is by no means is this a small number.


A successful web hosting business must integrate into its fold an eye catching website designed for its own promotional foray. They must integrate within their fold all aspects of web site hosting. This should include reseller hosting packages, business web hosting and a dedicated web hosting server.

In order to hold on to the clients the provider must offer website designing, search engine optimization apart from web hosting.


Any web hosting business has to incorporate within its services all the detailed technical aspect of this venture. This includes a back up of technical team, dedicated customer support staff and last but the most vital perhaps all the payment options integrated.

One must remember that the customer base for any web hosting is very wide indeed. Right from local clients to international ones, the smooth and professional payment options and links provided, says a lot about the approach of the provider towards its clients.


As the client base is a very wide one for the web hosting business, it is imperative that the provider has the technical know-how to deal with the international system of cash transaction. To effectively manage the huge customer base the provider must install the latest billing software which has the facility to allow total integration of all the diverse payment gateways into one platform. The payments can come through Paypal; Debit/Credit Card options; or direct bank wire transfer.

There are quite a few good billing softwares available in the market. These include Whmautopilot, Clientexec, Accounts lab pro, and Modernbill. All these must be installed along with the software for round- the- clock customer support. These include Perldesk, Cereberus, Deskpro, or Kayako Esupport. The reseller web hosting provider gives automatic billing option with its services.

The Indian web hosting providers must also give their bank account number along with its branch name. This would facilitate the easiest way of depositing payments directly into the web hosting account for all the local customers, thereby affectively integrating the payment options with the web hosting business.

Thus having a broad range of payment gateway options is a must for successfully running a web hosting business. Having a broad range of payment gateways also helps to form a positive image in the mind of the client regarding the web hosting service provider.

This is because, when the client is offered a large number of integrated payment options for web hosting, he gets a positive feeling about service provider. The service provider appears genuine and professional to the client. When the service provider gives just a single payment gateway, the business does not appear credible. All the big names in the web hosting business provide multiple integrated payment options.

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Choosing Best Web Hosting

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