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Best Web Hosting Reviews: Top Web hosting providers in Lahore, Pakistan


This article will provide the readers with an idea of the companies dealing in the business of web hosting in Lahore, Pakistan.

The companies profiled here are some of the most well-known companies in the Lahore region of Pakistan. Furthermore, Lahore being a major metropolitan city in Pakistan has several web hosting service providers. As such it is quite easy to find web hosting service providers in Lahore.


CreativeON is one of the most established names in the business of web hosting. It is based in the Glamour one township of Lahore, Pakistan. It is amongst the most well-known companies in the business of web hosting. It has a whole host of plans and packages for its clients.

It has got excellent web hosting packages which ensure that all clients end up becoming long term customers for the company. The company was established way back in 2001, at a time when the internet was still in its infancy in Pakistan. But the founders of the company foresaw the eventual need for web hosting companies and as a result are today head and shoulders above their competition.

After all, with a decade of experience to their credit, one cannot go wrong when one hires the services of this web hosting company. The web hosting services range from simple hosting plans for individuals to web hosting plans for large companies. They also offer reseller web hosting services.


MSolNet is another highly recognized company dealing in the business of web hosting in Lahore, Pakistan. The company is among the forerunners of bringing the latest in web hosting technology to the country. It has got exceptional customer service which ensures that customers, no matter where they are situated, get the same level of attentiveness and responsiveness day in and day out for all the days of the year.

In addition to regular packages for web hosting, the company also supports and provides for the services of domain name registration. The web hosting packages provided by the company start at an affordable rate of Rs2000 per year and go all the way up to Rs3000 per year. All the web hosting packages provided by the company come equipped with a bunch of free goodies and add-ons which help ensure that the clients experience a pleasant time with them.

All web hosting packages, for example come equipped with Norton Safe Web, which offers advanced spam guard and protection from malware attacks. This ensures that the websites of the clients keep running smoothly without any interruption. Additionally, depending on the web hosting package which the client chooses, he/she will be provided with at least a 100 email accounts for free for basic packages. The number of emails provided goes up to unlimited for the premium web hosting packages provided.

WebSols Pakistan

WebSols Pakistan is another reputed web hosting company. The business operates out of the Wahdat road area of Lahore, Pakistan. It is a well-known web hosting company and many of its clients are long term customers because of the high level of expertise and service which they provide.

The company, in addition to providing regular web hosting plans, also provides solutions for web development, e-commerce as well as domain name registration. They are thus a complete solution provider to all of your web development needs. The web hosting plans for the company start at the rate of Rs2000 per year which in terms of dollars comes to around $25 per year.

The advanced web hosting plans provided by the company are priced at the rate of Rs4000 per year which in terms of dollars, amounts to $50 per year. The basic plans carry a bandwidth capacity of 5000MB while the advanced web hosting plans carry up to 20000MB bandwidth capacity. In addition all plans contain such features like MySQL, Sub Domains, Fantastico, FrontPage etc.

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Choosing Best Web Hosting

When you are looking for good web hosting you need security and peace of mind first. Second thing is 100% uptime or at least 99.9% uptime so that your site is not down at any point of time and as a result you don't have to lose your customers. There are many web hosting companies who are just reseller (it doesn't mean they are bad) but unless they are established you cannot trust them. So if you have such a confusion where to host your website than I would recommend Hostgator. Why? because they are established and already have millions of customers. They have their own datacenter with lots of their own servers and they are cheapest in the hosting industry. Also provide great support. Many of my sites hosted there and never had any problem.

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