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Web Hosting Leader: What is the difference between web hosting and web development?

The whole world today is at our finger tip’s distance. No matter in which remote corner of the globe we are, one can never actually be living in total isolation. All this has been possible due to the far reach of the internet. Its power and potential is tremendous. Today the net has become like the friend, philosopher and guide whom one seeks at good and bad times.

This internet or World Wide Web is a chain of linked computers that can communicate with each other in a language called as HTTP. Web pages store information on this network of computers, called as web servers. Web browser is a program which allows the clients to read information on their own computers. Popular web browsers like, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera allow the access to a particular web page.

Any information that one may want to share with others is created and stored in a number of web pages. This forms the main web site of the client. In order to campaign about the services that one has to offer, it is pertinent that others have access to that information. This is possible through the process of publishing and copying that particular web site to a web server through the network of internet service provider.

These internet service providers offer a number of services; the most basic is that of web hosting. Web hosting is the technical process through which the web sites are stored on the web servers. Web hosting also offers e-mail services and domain name registration.

Using an ISP for web hosting has the added advantage of a very fast connection speed along with the security, stability, and powerful hardware it provides. Depending upon the size of the web site hosted on the web server, the disk space it would occupy or the connection speed it would need or the monthly rate it would be charged, all would vary.

Every web developer has to know the basic building blocks of the web. These are – HTML- which is the basic language of the web. This language determines the fonts, colors and designs of the particular web page being designed. The CSS or the cascading style sheet determines how the HTML elements are displayed. XHTML is another language used by the ISP. XML is a tool which describes, stores and transmits the data, whereas HTML displays the data. XSLT is another tool which transforms the XML file into a recognizable format. It can also rearrange and sort HTML elements.

Clients need a more dynamic web page for the expansion of their business today. This is delivered by the inclusion of JavaScript, which is basically a client oriented programming script which has the power to give the HTML programmers a powerful tool to make the client site more reactive to various elements. ASP or PHP is a web server side program through which the browser can be made to edit any web page. It can also help to access all the database and files and return back to the browser. Mainly it helps to customize, secure and an access control to all the web pages developed for the web site.

All these databases which are in MySQL, SQL server, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, etc, can be managed with SQL which is the standard language for accessing and manipulating them.

All these tools are a must for any web developer which aids them to make the web site more attractive and dynamic. This helps in generating more traffic for the growth and expansion of the business. Building an attention grabbing and holding web page is an art. It requires the basic understanding of the need and the psyche of the targeted audience. So the nail has to be hit right at the start of the web page. Keeping the content crisp and to the point helps to do just that. The content and the navigation tools should be smooth and in harmony with each other.

The web developer must also keep the option of continuous feed back open from its customers through a functional link which works all the time.

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