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Best Web Hosting Reviews: Top Web Design Providers in Faridabad, India


The internet is invaluable tool for marketing and business growth. In order to engage with customers online, the basic requirement for a company is to have a website. Particular attention has to be paid to web design parameters to ensure that it attracts customers.

A good website design is one that is eye catching enough to attract visitors and which has relevant information to keep the visitors interested. Web design providers are the professionals who offer this service.

Corona Software Solutions

Established in 2003, Corona Software Solutions is a rapidly growing web design provider based in Faridabad, India. The aim of the company is to provide optimal web design solutions to the clients that help them take their business to greater heights. The company has a focused customer centric approach, understanding the client’s web design requirements and offering customized solutions.

The company designs websites that are compatible across all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and others. The web designs are based on Windows or Linux operating systems, as per the client requirements. The company caters to the web design requirements of individuals who want their personal websites as well as large organizations, which may have advanced web design requirements with multiple web pages.

Corona Softwares offers applications like flash in their web design portfolio to make website interactive. They also provide features like contact / feedback form so that you will get a database of visitors coming to your site that may be used for future marketing activities. The company offers a variety of web design templates that you may choose from. Working on pre designed template, with slight modifications as per your requirements reduces the overall web design time.

Softcell Solutions

Softcell Solutions is a top web design provider based in Faridabad, India. The company prides itself on its team of highly skilled and experienced developers, who strive to exceed the client’s expectations. The company offers innovative web design solutions to help the client achieve their business objectives.

Softcell Solutions caters to clients across various industries like communications services, healthcare, media, manufacturing and others. The company looks at web dseign as means of presenting the client’s corporate identity online. Softcell Solutions is an ideal choice for affordable, professional and elegant web design solutions. The company believes that while the web design should be eye catching to attract visitors, it is not the most important aspect.

The web design should allow the visitors ease of navigation to access relevant information quickly, otherwise, the visitor will not stay on your website. The company designs websites with performance in mind. Each web page is designed in such a manner as to drive the visitor to action, having a positive impact on your business. The company keeps the clients completely involved throughout the web design process, seeking their input on designing the logos, graphics and templates.

Caravan Technologies

Caravan Technolgies is a leading web design provider based in Faridabad, India. The company has a proactive approach in spotting emerging business trends in the industry and prides itself on offering innovative cutting edge web design solutions for their clients. The company considers effective web design as a valuable tool that enables clients to take maximum advantage of the internet as a marketing medium.

Caravan Technologies assure clients of unique web design solutions that cut the clutter and make your website stand out. They are committed to creating your business identity online with optimal web design. Besides being impressive, all websites designed by Caravan Technologies are W3C validated, fast loading and highly usable.

The web design team comprises creative professionals who are proficient in Flash, photoshop, HTML, XHTML and other software that make the websites interactive and interesting. The web designs are web 2.0 based with user friendly, simple navigation. The company ensures web designs, which are SEO friendly, which ensures higher ranking for your websites by search engines.

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When you are looking for good web hosting you need security and peace of mind first. Second thing is 100% uptime or at least 99.9% uptime so that your site is not down at any point of time and as a result you don't have to lose your customers. There are many web hosting companies who are just reseller (it doesn't mean they are bad) but unless they are established you cannot trust them. So if you have such a confusion where to host your website than I would recommend Hostgator. Why? because they are established and already have millions of customers. They have their own datacenter with lots of their own servers and they are cheapest in the hosting industry. Also provide great support. Many of my sites hosted there and never had any problem.

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