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Web Hosting Leader: File Permissions for Files Hosted by a Web Hosting Service

In this article, we are going to have a look at the file permissions issues that are handled by the web hosting companies for their clients.

The file permission is a method by which the administration of the access issues is done via the web hosting services. These are most popularly used as the methods to define the access rights for the certain files, configuration and management of data on to the web servers. The web hosting companies also give their clients the appropriate rights in order to make certain changes in the settings of protocols so that they can customize the web page according to their choice. The systems used by the web hosting companies are deployed in order to be able to give the ability to the certain groups of users in order to make the changes in to the web server configuration with respect to the files which are hosted as a subscription of the user. A user is also free to modify the file systems as per the packages available with the different web hosting companies.

The web hosting companies that make use of the UNIX based systems on to the web servers or also the other types of POSIX compliant systems; they make use of the simplest of the systems in order to manage the file permission issues. These are called as the traditional permissions for the UNIX based file systems. These systems make use of the access control lists in order to implement the file permission issues. The web hosting companies who make use of the DOS based system in order to implement the file systems make use of the file attributes rather than the file permissions. In case of these web hosting companies, the read only attributes are set based upon the users' choices. The users can either it is on or off depending upon the files hosted, whether the user wants to make it viewable content on the web systems or not. There is not a single permission defined in the DOS based systems so that the users are prevented in order to read a single file.

The web servers which are based upon the Microsoft proprietary systems make use of the access control lists (also called as ACLs) in order to administer a system of file permissions which is more complex in nature and of the varied form for the different group of users. Generally it makes use of four categories viz. World, group, owner and system. The level of access control in the set of users described here is from the least access to most access. Basically, these are a set of file permissions that are very much similar to that of the UNIX, but implemented in a more complex way. The Mac OS X systems are also the traditional UNIX permissions. It has an additional attribute called as protected.

All in all, there are three kinds of permissions: read, write and execute which are given to the users by the web hosting companies. The read permission grants the access to the user in order to view the contents of the file. When it is applicable to the directory, it grants the permission in order to read the names of the files in the directory. The write permission grants the user a right to not only view, but also modify the contents of the files. When it is set for a directory of a web hosting server, it grants permission to modify the contents of any entries like deleting, copying, moving files in that directory. The execute permission is the highly accessible permission which grants the user, rights to execute a file.

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