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Web Hosting Leader: What is Web Hosting?

What is Web hosting - a necessity for every website

Having a web site for yourself is not the only criterion of being on the internet. Apart from having a web site a person also requires ‘web hosting’ services. Hosting makes the web site available on the internet. Let us see how that happens.

Whenever someone types the URL address of a web site or clicks on the hyperlink a request is sent to the server. The server hosting then responds to the request and makes the files and folders of the website visible into the browser of the person who has made the request. The accessibility of a web site on the World Wide Web depends on ‘web hosting’ and server hosting. In order to make the point even more clearly we can also say that server hosting works like your computer and the ‘web hosting’ plays the role of a hard disk on the internet. Hosting provides the necessary storage space to keep the files and folders of a website and provide it to the person who requests for it.

Why is ‘web hosting’ important?

‘Web hosting’ is not only a necessity for websites but for publishing anything on the internet hosting is necessary. All the type of content on the internet needs a host to be accessed. There are a number of technical details that one should be aware about while looking for a ‘web hosting’ service provider.

Who is a web host?

A person or an organization that provides ‘web hosting’ services is known as a web host. They have the technical expertise which is required for hosting. These companies own or lease a server for their clients. A server provides connectivity. The type of host depends on the hosting requirement. A host provides a control panel to the client which helps him to manage the web server. Especially for business websites it is important that a web host is technically sound and understands individual requirements of its clients.

Types of ‘web hosting’

There are several types of ‘web hosting’ which can be classified as:-

Shared ‘web hosting’:- As the name suggests shared hosting is a service in which the customer has to share the server. Shared hosting is affordable and easier to use. Shared hosting is offered by professional ‘web hosting’ companies and they are responsible for the maintenance. Security issues and upgrading requirements are also handled by the host. Shared web hosting is of two types. Linux ‘web hosting’ and Windows hosting are the two of them. The choice depends on the preferred operating system.

VPS:- VPS or Virtual Private Servers have both the characteristics of a dedicated server and a shared server. Physically the customer of VPS shares the hardware but the technology creates a partition between the customers who are sharing the hardware. Less customers occupy a common server therefore there is less congestion. VPS is a bit expensive in comparison to the shared ‘web hosting’. VPS requires extreme technical expertise and experience in the business.

Dedicated hosting:- As the name suggests this hosting service is when a user is provided an entire server for himself. The server is dedicated to a single customer. There are a lot of advantages of getting a dedicated server. As the server belongs to an individual customer there is no congestion. The server becomes a lot flexible and the customer can customize the software and the hardware for himself. The customers are in complete control of the server with the help of their host. Dedicated hosting is however an expensive option for the people who have a limited budget for ‘web hosting’. The reason for being expensive is that the cost of the server has to be borne by an individual.

Managed hosting:- Managed ‘web hosting’ is a service with all the advantages of a dedicated server but it eliminates the overhead cost. There are several packages of managed ‘web hosting’.

All you need a technical ‘web hosting’ provider and you can rely on him for handling the technical aspects.

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Choosing Best Web Hosting

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